The Dizzy-Go-Round – Altamira Series, Book 2 – Amazon Kindle ebook



Rachel has always been able see into the other place. She likes comparing the activities of people who seem to exist in both worlds. Her abilities are strongest at the playground near the river. When she rides the dizzy-go-round, the other world fills with wonderful colors. Feeling alone in her abilities, Rachel tries to teach her friends to see. When a family tragedy turns her world upside down, Rachel has to make the most difficult decision in her life and turns to her friends for rescue.



Magic Eyes – Altamira Series, Book 1 – Amazon Kindle ebook



After his parents divorced, Ezra moved with his mother back to Altamira. He spent the summer days exploring town like a normal kid. Nights were a different story as his vivid dreams began turning dark and violent. He tried to stay awake some nights to avoid nightmares, but ended up feeling exhausted and miserable the next day. His mother took him to a counselor. Although he felt better, his dreams continued to get worse. When characters from his dreams began appearing in broad daylight, Ezra thought he was losing his mind.



A Boy and his Rat — late 2017 – novella



Peering into his precarious personal abyss, Marty raised every self-defense mechanism in his repertoire. The imperative? Recast your self-image.

Broadening his stance, he rested hands on superhero hips, leaned back and shouted from the depths of his mind.

I’m Marty McCobb: creative loner, fearless trailblazer, deftly winding my way through a hostile world.




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